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True intimacy in a relationship is the secret to long lasting, mutually enjoyable, sexually fulfilled relationships. Many seek it, most misunderstand it, few find it... A recent Psychology Today article put it like this: "Keeping sexual passion alive and healthy is a critical aspect in the process of sustaining an enduring and fulfilling partnership".

Anxiety amongst couples about how to keep the passion alive and what to do if and when it wanes, is as old as the hills. The problem though, is that people generally shy away from the topic and most couples hesitate to ask for help in this area.

And, with a lack of intimacy often being a trigger to infidelity / adultery, there is a high cost to a lack of sex, or issues with sexual intimacy, in relationships.

Latest figures show almost one-in-two marriages (in the UK and many other western countries) currently end in divorce. The breakup rate is higher still for unmarried cohabiting couples. Never before has the need for understanding True Sexual Intimacy, and how to sustain it for the long-haul, been more crucial.

Take this course to learn:

  • The ingredients of better sex; from both typical male and female perspectives (and see how very different they can be!)
  • WHY getting sexual intimacy right can be so important for the health of long-term intimate relationships.
  • HOW TO: 20 practical things to do to increase the level of sexual intimacy in your relationship.

By the end you will have much more clarity on the many dimensions to True Sexual Intimacy, and have a list of practical things to start doing on a regular basis to build mental, emotional and spiritual connections that will make the physical connections ignite with passion… bringing more “VaVaVoom” back into your relationship!


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  1. This course is about developing and sustaining true, long-lasting sexual intimacy. It is NOT about sex in one-night-stands or quickies outside of long-term relationships.
  2. There are NO shortcuts to establishing long-term intimacy!  As you follow through the course remember that the sweetest and more long-lasting physical connections come once you’ve connected mind, soul and spirit BEFORE you get to focusing on the body.

Your Co-Presenters

Dr. Andrea & Jonathan Taylor-Cummings

Andrea and Jon are the co-Founders and Co-CEOs of 4 Habits Consulting and Founding Trustees of the UK registered charity, Soulmates Academy Foundation.

Being city professionals and entrepreneurs themselves, Andrea and Jon have first-hand experience of the inevitable strain on relationships caused by high stress careers, living and working together, and juggling the responsibilities of family and work in an attempt to find a sustainable balance. The 4 Habits are a culmination of their work in relationship education over 25+ years, drawing from principles in psychology, management theory and scientific research. Initially alongside their professional city careers, and now as their full time mission, they help people change their behaviours from habits that damage relationships to habits that strengthen them, on purpose.

Andrea & Jon are recognised authorities on the subject of relationship education, with numerous public speaking engagements, multiple TV, Radio and Podcast appearances around the world, a successful TEDx talk and a book on The 4 Habits of ALL successful relationships.

In 2023 they celebrate 30 years of marriage. They have 2 grown children… who still keep them totally accountable on all the relationship advice they give!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Getting in the right Mindset

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  • 2

    1 - WHAT is True Sexual Intimacy?

    • Changing Expectations

    • The difference between Sex and Intimacy

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 3

    2 - WHY is it vital for healthy relationships?

    • Intro

    • Unique Connector

    • Fulfills need for Uncertainty and Novelty

    • The best Insurance against infidelity you can get!

    • Improves emotional resilience, well-being and productivity

    • "Ideal growth environment" facilitator

    • Summary

    • Chapter Quiz - Test Your Understanding

  • 4

    3 - HOW to build and sustain True Sexual Intimacy

    • Chapter Overview & a quick look at stereotypes!

    • FEEDING THE SOUL - Intro

    • SOUL a) Environment of Honour & Respect

    • SOUL b): Squeaky Wheel

    • SOUL c): Help out during Stress

    • SOUL d): SLTs

    • SOUL e): Date Nights...

    • SOUL f): Re-centering...


    • SPIRIT a): "Me Time"

    • SPIRIT b): Inspirational Activities

    • SPIRIT c): Giving

    • SPIRIT d): Adventure!


    • MIND a): Goals & Dreams

    • MIND b): Planning Ahead

    • MIND c): Avoiding Distractions

    • MIND d): Intimate Conversations


    • BODY a): Preparing Yourself

    • BODY b): Dressing for the occasion

    • BODY c): Starting foreplay early

    • BODY d): Making time to make love

    • BODY e): Focus

    • BODY f): No pressure to perform!

    • Chapter Quiz - Test Your Understanding

  • 5

    6 - YOUR TURN (Exercises)

    • Intro

    • Exercise 1 - Start/Stop/Continue/Change

    • Further Reading

  • 6


    • Wrap Up & Next Steps

    • Sign Up Reminders

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Packed with so much information, this course presents gre...


Jon and Andrea bravely tackle issues rarely covered elsewhere. Yet, with so much sexual brokenness and promiscuity out there, understanding the principles un...

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Jon and Andrea bravely tackle issues rarely covered elsewhere. Yet, with so much sexual brokenness and promiscuity out there, understanding the principles underpinning great sexual intimacy is of utmost importance for building healthy marriages.

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