Course Description

If you're feeling a little stuck and looking for a bit of guidance to navigate specific issues in your relationship, sign up for this one-off session with us.

Feel free to sign up as an individual that just wants to talk thinks through, or as a couple - and treat it as your private Q&A session.

The session will be delivered as a 90-minutes video call. We prefer Zoom, but can also accommodate alternative technologies (MS Teams, Skype, FaceTime, etc).

We want to equip you to do relationships well so, if you don't already have one, we will include a copy of our book as a gift to you!

Following the session, we are happy to answer any further questions you may have by Email.

We look forward to working with you...

Andrea & Jon

Get this session if you:

  1. are keen to invest in your relationship but don't know quite where to start.
  2. have specific issues/challenges you would like to discuss.

What you'll get out of it:

It's difficult to promise being able to transform your relationship(s) in a single session but, outside of any major abusive situations, we can at least promise that by the end of our time together, you will have some clear guidance on things you can be doing differently to help improve things.

Ready to get started?

  1. Pay for your session at the link above.
  2. Once we receive your confirmation, we'll send you an email with contact details to book the 90-minute video call together.
  3. That's it!

Your Co-Presenters Dr. Andrea & Jonathan Taylor-Cummings

Andrea and Jon are the co-Founders and Co-CEOs of 4 Habits Consulting and Founding Trustees of the UK registered charity, Soulmates Academy Foundation.

Being city professionals and entrepreneurs themselves, Andrea and Jon have first-hand experience of the inevitable strain on relationships caused by high stress careers, living and working together, and juggling the responsibilities of family and work in an attempt to find a sustainable balance. The 4 Habits are a culmination of their work in relationship education over 25+ years, drawing from principles in psychology, management theory and scientific research. Initially alongside their professional city careers, and now as their full time mission, they help people change their behaviours from habits that damage relationships to habits that strengthen them, on purpose.

Andrea & Jon are recognised authorities on the subject of relationship education, with numerous public speaking engagements, multiple TV, Radio and Podcast appearances around the world, a successful TEDx Talk (3M+ Views) and a book on The 4 Habits of ALL successful relationships.

In April 2023 they celebrated 30 years of marriage. They have 2 grown children… who still keep them totally accountable on all the relationship advice they give!

Course curriculum

    1. 90 MINS: VIDEO CALL with Jon / Andrea

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